Thursday, January 24, 2013


It's E's birthday today.  She is officially 6!
I snapped a few quick pictures this morning before school.
 (pre hair, so excuse the sleeping hat)
I'll take some more later with her hair done.

Here she is last year on her birthday. 

Oh my goodness, how she has grown in one year. 
5 inches and 12 pounds!

 So many other firsts in that year.  I'll save those for another post.

In other news...
it's cold in New England today.  
Days like these make it dangerous for me to watch House Hunters International.  
I googled real estate in Belize.  
No one else in my family seems interested though.  Too far?  I'd settle for Charlotte, NC where most of my family currently lives, but I can't get anyone to agree to that either.  So for now, I guess I'll use my 20 years of upstate New York winter experience and just bundle up.

I do have one family member who agrees with me.
She needed her jacket for our walk this morning.  It's 5 degrees.

Sorry Lois.


  1. We New Englanders/Upstaters (I've been both) are tough. I'm kind of glad for the cold -- I don't think the pollen ever got killed off last year. On another note, I see more sparkle in E's eyes in this year's birthday photos. Happy birthday to her!

    1. Yes, a bright side of the cold, no bugs or pollen. A hardy bunch we are!

  2. I didn't realize that Emme and Ayub were so close in "age." His "birthday" is in March. He has also grown about 6 inches. Unbelievable.

    1. I know, it's crazy. People told us it would happen, and it did for sure. How is school going for Ayub?

  3. Yes, you are a hardy bunch. Come on down to South Carolina. :-)

  4. That is a seriously beautiful smile!