Thursday, November 29, 2012

Checking in

Is there anybody out there?  It's been a long time since I posted.  No real reason.  Or a million little reasons.  We are still here, doing fine. Writing this blog was such a big part of the adoption journey for me.  It helped me connect with other families.  It helped keep me sane through the waiting.  It helped me celebrate and organize when we were matched.  It helped me process our adjustment when we returned home and began settling in as a family. 

We are quickly approaching the one year home mark.  Things are beginning to feel normal.  I laugh as I type those words because, well, who knows if we are normal.  Be we are a family.  That part is real now.  So, I'm just rethinking where to take the blog from here.  Adoption is not the only part of our family and we don't exist solely as an adoptive family.  It's a large part of our story, but not the only story.  So, I'll keep thinking about how to reinvent this blog.  But not until after the first year home is complete.  So stay tuned, if you're still out there.

For now, just some updated pics of our Thanksgiving in Vermont.  We have now moved on to decorating and preparing for Christmas.  Although E came home on Christmas Eve last year, this Christmas will really be her first experience of the season.

The dogs love the freedom in Vermont

Not sure what E is showing here.  Looks like a rock.

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  1. Gorgeous family. Please keep the blog up in some form...I love E and love seeing her grow. Can't believe it's been a year, but I should know since I was there right before you. EEK...that means it's been almost a year since our first trip. Starting blog post in my head now...