Monday, September 10, 2012

The Farm

We joined a local CSA this year.  
Once a week we pick up our share at the farm and we can go pick various things throughout the season as well.  
Here's one of our shares.

It's been a great experience
In many ways.
Fresh, local, real food


a connection for E.
Being on a farm is a connection to her life in Ethiopia.  Food has been one of my favorite things to talk about with E.  She remembers so many foods and stories about food.  And we love to cook together.  She sits at the counter, peeling individual cloves of garlic, 
 or tearing kale leaves (in her bathing suit).  

Sometimes we sit on the deck while we shuck corn.  

And a story always comes out.

She knows farms.  And growing things.

We loved our farm so much that we signed E up for a week of farm camp.
I wonder what she thought about on the farm.  Did it smell familiar?  Were the sounds a happy reminder of her home before us?  Maybe all she thought about was how fun it was to gather eggs or feed the goats.  But I hope somehow it was more.  I want her to feel connected to Ethiopia.  And I hope that food and the farm are one of the ways we can stay connected.

Here's E and Dad picking spinach this past spring.

Someday, E wants to go back to Ethiopia and show me her farm.
I can't wait.

Happy Harvest Season!


  1. What a wonderful experience. I think Ayub was more of a town farms in his past. He does, however, enjoy the fruits of others' labor!

  2. its lovely you cook together and wonderful she has stories to share about eth. precious. (be sure you write them down for her in case they get forgotten over the years).

    1. Definitely. I think she has already forgotten some of the things she told us when she was first home. I've tried to do a little video taping too, so she can hear what she sounded like while learning English.

  3. You are planting seeds! Some of the best memories will be made in the garden... on the farm... and while cooking together.

  4. I love this! What a wonderful connection for her! Our son also remembers tending/helping/watching the crops in Sidama. How fantastic that you have a farm camp nearby!